Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Self-confidence isn't from a twitter feed.

Bonjour Lovelies, 

 (one of my resolutions was to learn French...finally) I hope your first few weeks of 2015 have been AMAZING! If not, you still have 50 weeks to make up for it :)

My first few couple of weeks have had some down moments, paired with some disappointments, but ainsi soit-i! Life is wonderful, and the down days only make the good days all the brighter!!


  I've been having a down couple of days, the kind of days that your significant other's mere sight makes you want to scream and shout for no good reason. This isn't hormonal, it's just been a bit shit.
Pair that with a fair few people unfollowing me on social media and suddenly I started questioning everything I am and what my purpose is. How droll...
I wondered if I should shut down my newly formed blog, deactivate my twitter and instagram and just give up - because without a marching band of followers, who am I?

I am the same person I was when they were following - I am me.

I realised that I've been placing such self-worth on how the online world perceives me, that I completely lost sight of my passion, of my purpose and of my own person. It's crazy to think that our lives are now guided and ruled by these odd, new methods of interaction. 
No matter what you do on social media, blogging, business or just plain social - YOU ARE A BRAND. You are are how you present yourself online, or at least, you are while you're online.

Everything you post, every comment you make, every selfie you take (...I'll be watching you) you are presenting yourself to the masses as a certain kind of person. 
Let's take the fitness junkie: They post motivation quotes on their instagram, blog about their workouts and facebook their gym outfit. They are trying to put themselves out there as a gym-fiend, a healthy, put together person. However, they don't post the times they sleep in all day, the extra serving of icecream on the couch or the workout failures they have; that just wouldn't help the "brand.
However, no matter what they post - the wins, the failures - they are still the same.

How you present yourself online does not make you a better or worse person.

 Let's talk about lady-blogger, the one with 10,000 followers on twitter, the constant posts about her amazing life and the instagram photos of her latest "sponsored" brand. She is the epitome of chic and glam. Is she though? Is she posting the times she wakes up with a zit the size of china on her chin, is she tweeting the times she checks what pair of underwear is clean by the sniff-test (don't lie, we ALL do it) and is she instagramming the fashion failures whilst purchasing milk? No, that would hinder the brand.

So Kelsie, what are you getting at with all this mumbo-jumbo.
Well (and good word by the way!) I am getting at the fact of, no one is who they seem online. That is PERFECTLY fine! That doesn't make them necessarily a good person and it sure as heck doesn't make them a bad person (unless you're an internet troll, in which case go back under your bridge!) they are simply playing a game of social-media poker with a stellar hand and a seriously envious poker-face! The amount of likes on their twitter feed does not determine their self-worth and neither does it determine yours.

In life you're going to have those really people you just cannot stand, for no good reason and for no fault of their own - they are just not the sugar in your tea. Which is absolutely fine! You don't need to like everyone, but please be kind regardless. You're going to have those people that no longer serve a role in your life, the ones who's lessons have been taught and you go your separate ways - this again, is perfectly fine! You don't need to have every single person you meet in your life for the whole time. This is a part of life - this is living and this growing up!

So why should social media be any different? Are you being authentic? or are you like Mr. Fitness-fiend or Ms. Blogger? Are you only posting what you think people want to see? If so, why? Ask yourself - why am I determining my freedom of expression on the opinions of others?
Do you like knitting, whilst also being a goddamn awesome skier? Post about it!
Are you enthralled by Game of Thrones, but also secretly love Downton Abbey? Post about it!
Your feed, your interactions, your life (if you choose to) should never be not documented in fear of the opinions of others! You are not what people think of you.

“People will love you. People will hate you. And none of it will have anything to do with you.”

- Abraham Hicks. 

You are no better than the person with 12 followers and you are no worse than the person with 12,000. Live your truth, some people will love you - some people will hate you. Love those who love you, and respect those that don't; but do not for one second ever live anything but your truth. Do not hide your beauty behind the fear of other, because who are they really? A person you met at a music festival 2 years ago? A girl you went to school with? The weird aunt who always calls you by the wrong name? Because those that matter don't mind, and those that mind do not matter.

Live your goddamn truth bitches!!
Till next time KG xx

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